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Fashion Swapping – Best thing to do in Digital Fashion Era.

Have you ever hosted or attended a fashion swap party? Here is how to make the event special?

Hosting a fashion swap party

A clothing swap is a party where you and each of your attendees bring an agreed upon amount of clothing and accessories to the event. All of the items are fair game, so you can trade, barter, and donate clothes to your friends while snagging some new stuff to breathe new life into your closet. Remember the old saying that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure? The same principle applies to a clothing swap. While you might be tired of your cherry red pumps, they might be just what one of your friends have been looking for.

Don’t worry about the idea sounding strange to your friends. Chances are, they’ll love the idea of mixing it up with a few new items. Of course, the way you present the idea will have a huge effect on how your friends receive it. Make the party sound chic and exciting and you’ll have a good group of people on hand.

Get Set Swipe

Everything is on finger tip, your every single touch is making an impression in digital world. So is fashion, you get to see a variety of fashion product, and a huge number of online brands are discovered on daily basis. Retain customer and make them loyal is very tough task for all the fashion brands. every single second they are getting notifications, recommendation from different brands.

Similarly, just like that, online shoppers play a game-changer role in digital fashion business. They do a lot of browsing or follow various brands and they receive variety of choices in every single swipe. Most of shoppers love having fun on social media by sharing new trends and styles.

End of competition era - Build Collaborations to stay in fashion business

Collaboration with Influencers

Collaboration with fashion designers

Collaboration with Digital marketing Agency

Collaboration with fashion Vendors

Collaboration with fashion communities

Collaboration with competitors

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