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Fashion Shows: No more in fashion

It has been said that fashion shows were started by fashion brands to showcase their collection in mid of 1930s. From just showcasing garments to buyers, fashion shows has grown commercially and it become mode of presenting new garments of every single brands. Later, We have seen fashion shows get its own glamour on the runway, people who are really passionate witness their favorite designer collection, fashion shows become glamor business and people went crazy about every in and out of fashion. It is not necessary to have fashion show for brands to promote their new collections. Media and event company play an vital role behind fashion shows to promote those designers who wish to come lime light. It generate unnecessarily a hug cost and time end of the day. Moreover, fashion shows has blown up to such a extent, that designers garments become an industry joke. I strongly believe fashion shows are not in fashion anymore. Today, fashion show is no longer relevant in digital world of fashion. These days the purpose of fashion show is to showcase the collection to be photographed, mainly to update on social media platform. Sometimes, they showcase their collection in own showrooms for press and media people. "Fashion is in the sky, in the streets. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, whats happening." - Coco Channel Indian fashion industry and Bollywood connection In India, both fashion and Bollywood go hand in hand ever since hindi cinema has born. Every Indian is much found of Bollywood and its style of fashion it introduce every year. People follow, imitate and mimic the way Bollywood produce hero and heroine . Indian cinema have influenced many generations to fall in love with trends, styles which continue for decades. In early 90's, Many india fashion designers were introduced to bollywood and their prominent work help them to establish as celebrity designers. Indian fashion weeks witness unveiling designers seasonal collections, celebrity show stoppers from bollywood. See how bollywood is connected with indian fashion evolution. Dil toh har kisi ke paas hota hai, Lekin sab dilwale nahi hote... - Bollywood Today, fashion has moved way further from just showcasing. Digitalization age has taken all its pleasure being automated solutions. Today fashion is obsolete, lets talk on digital world of fashion. Today, the real fashion is not what you see on the ramp. being social media influence, no longer necessary to have a model wearing garments and wake the ramp. Rather people prefer to follow each brand and designers in social media. They follow their favorite brands to get the latest update on their collection. People trust each brand in social media platform than ramp walk. sometimes they compare the collection with other brands to make a decision. "Lets not hide the truth, internet and social media has blown up in the world of fashion". Regardless the fact that fashion has to move away further digitally to make presence in the minds of their buyer, customers etc. Fashion is changing so fast, every next second people swift brands. Its very competitive for brands to retain their customer base. so every brands are very keen on handling digital presence, if anything go wrong, then everything goes in vain.

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