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Fashion Forecast 2.0 – The fashion lifestyle calendar

NOTHING needs to be produced in a physical form. Digital clothing means literally this: 100% digital. How’s that for the environment? It feels as if the solution to create digital clothing has resolved all the environmental problems at once. Ok, ok we can talk about digital carbon footprint, however, the speed of production of a digital dress digitally is arguably faster than uploading, selecting, photoshopping, and posting images from an analogue slothing photoshoot. (and yes, I said “analogue clothing”, you read it right — get used to this term)

Implementing of AI tech in fashion industry

“Today’s fashion is for a large part dictated online. It’s by far where you have the most exposure. This is why we want to give you the opportunity to keep expressing your style online, without leaving a negative footprint on the world. We also notice a gap in the market, where the most fun products are the most difficult to buy, due to them being either too crazy or too expensive, oftentimes both. By digitizing these products, we also make fashion more affordable.”

When any brand is talking about the environment it is often perceived as boring, while digital fashion fun. Why not choose to focus on fun, without sacrificing our Planet’s health? Digital fashion is the coolest solution currently available on the market and Carlings sees that.

Now let’s go over some of the most basic benefits of digital fashion that goes beyond making influencers stay away from endless clothing waster:

What is Fashion Forecast 2.0 ?

  • Brands don’t have to invest any more time, money and energy in research and development on how to design a product that lasts and produce it in the most sustainable matter (it’s never going to be 100% sustainable anyway)

  • There’s no need to ship anything anywhere dozens of times — which eliminates a problem of the over the roof carbon emissions caused by all the unnecessary global transportation in the textile industry

  • No need to jump around loopholes seeking for ethical production — digital fashion designers are paid well. Moreover, at some point in the near future, AI will be taught to manipulate a digital garment on a photo anyways.

  • No size, fit or comfort issues, duh — since we don’t actually wear a digital garment in person. And just like that — one of the major reason for product returns in e-commerce is naturally eliminated. There’s no longer going to be a need for industry standardization of the vast diversity of shapes and forms of human bodies around the world.

  • Creativity opportunities are ENDLESS. There are literally no limitations on what is possible to create within the digital fashion realm. How’s that for the fashion designers’ full creative freedom? Bring it on, Central Saint Martins! Let’s revive Alexander McQueen’s outstanding craft in a digital form!

  • The joy of shopping is back — online or offline, shopping will be as fun as putting on face filters on Snapchat or Instagram. No more stressful and self depleting moments in changing rooms wasted hours of putting items on and off hundreds of times in order to make the most ethical and smart investment decision. It will be as simple as swiping back and forth between the carefully curated, personalized digital items.

  • Yes, I said personalized. Everything will be tailored for YOUR preferences and tastes. Nothing will be left generic. That’s why a “risk” of looking the same as your friend on a photo will be equal to zero. You will get to decide what goes into the garment and to what extent you’d like to customize it. You won’t have to play designer if you don’t want to, but you can always add a unique twist that is meaningful to you, embedded into your digital garment.

  • These are collectible items, which means they’re basically artworks of the new era. By investing in a digital fashion piece, you’d be investing in a building block of the new reality, you are voting with your wallet for the direction you’d like the future to be unfolding. Yes, I see it as this dramatic and powerful. As a reference: today, the market in crypto-collectibles has exceeded $200 billion USD for the first time this year, according to Forbes.

  • All digital garments will be easily stored in your digital closet — so there’s obviously no need for any more storage space! AI will be able to suggest what can be added to your digital wardrobe and remind you which items you haven’t “used” for a while. No need to do spring cleaning each year and take a pile of no longer needed clothes to a second-hand retailer only to be rejected and dump it all at the closest charity store, feeling sorry for how much money and materials are wasted.

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