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Fashion Connect

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

First ever meet up by fashion entrepreneurs and professionals in the region. Fashion Connect is an annual event and get together of fashion folks, providing a professional and conductive atmosphere for business networking.

Fashion Folks, a group formed by collective fashion enthusiasts to empower their talents to compete in the potential fashion market. We welcome all fashion folks to join and lets talk fashion.

​Who should Participate?

• Boutique Owners

• Fashion Designers

• Make up Artists

• Fashion Students

• Fashion Photographers

• Fashion Bloggers

• Fashion Institutions

• Fashion Stylist

• Fashion Brands

• Fashion Producers

• Fashion Investors

• Other Fashion Professionals

An opportunity to meet, interact and learn about future fashion with top leaders in the city.

If you are a Fashion Entrepreneur who is passionate about your fashion business and is confident about the impact it can create in the local market, then Fashion Connect is definitely for you !

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